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The most versatile type of blast cleaning equipment, Goff’s Table Blast models are ideal for large or heavy parts. Items to be cleaned are rotated on the table, exposing the parts to the abrasive blast. Single table, double-door swing and satellite multi-table models are available.


Goff’s Table Blast models are the ideal choice for blast cleaning: automotive parts and engine components, petroleum valves and compressors, castings, fabrications and weldments and numerous other parts that are not suitable for tumbling due to size and shape. Parts to be cleaned are rotated on the table exposing the parts or castings to the abrasive blast. Table diameters range from 36” to 96” with workload capacities of 300 to 8,000 lbs. All tables are covered with abrasive resistant liners for superior wear. Goff Table Blast machines are offered in various configurations with blast wheels mounted on the side, hip, and top of the machine. Some models offer oscillating blast wheels to allow more thorough blast pattern coverage.

Available in single table, single and double-door swing, satellite multitable and plain table models. Goff’s Table Blast machine offers the user unparalleled performance and versatility in blast cleaning.

BUILT TOUGH…AND EFFECTIVE: Goff has concentrated on building reliable blast equipment that provides solutions to customer needs. Cabinet Construction Compact and sturdy with large doors for easy accessibility with no pit required. Work Table Constructed of wear resistant steel plate with heavy duty support to withstand years of service. Table Drive Exterior mounted electric motor and gear reducer.

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