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Do You Have The Right Abrasive Solution?

Are You Using the Right Abrasive for Your Blast Cleaning Application?

The right combination of abrasive and equipment can reduce cycle times, improve quality, increase production, and eliminate waste.Consult with the professionals at Alexander Industrial Sales, Inc. to find out if you are using the best abrasive solution for your application.

The winning combination to produce the right finish on your parts in the most efficient and timely manner requires the right abrasive matched to the right blast cleaning equipment.

Alexander Industrial stands ready to provide the finest abrasives available and the best abrasive programs to ensure your demanding requirements for your products in a high production setting.We can supply all of your abrasive needs, from standard carbon steel shot and grit abrasives to stainless steel shot and grit abrasives to exotic abrasives; such as a variety of cut wire products, zinc, and aluminum media.

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Bainite Carbon Steel Shot

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. is the only American manufacturer to succeed in producing a unique bainite microstructure abrasives that meet SAE specifications for low carbon cast steel shot.Time and again, competitive testing has shown that bainite shot wears better and lasts longer than martensitic cast steel shot.

Vulkan Stainless Steel Shot

Chronital® is a high quality, non-rusting cast stainless steel shot used for cleaning, deburring, descaling and surface finishing of a wide variety of aluminum and other non-ferrous alloy castings, forgings, molds and fabrications. Ferrous contamination is avoided at any blast cleaning process.