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Pass-through, Wire Mesh, & Structural Solutions

Goff’s Wire Mesh Belt and Structural Blast continuous production shot blast cleaning machines are designed to offer high production cleaning of various parts and castings. The Wire Mesh and Structural Blast Design is simple and requires less material handling.

Parts placed on the wire mesh belt and Structural Blast conveyor continuously pass through the abrasive tight entry vestibule into the blast chamber. The quantity and placement of the blast wheels coupled with the blast wheel horsepower determine the cleaning capacity and production capabilities of the machine.

The parts are blast cleaned passing through the blast chamber and then exit through the series of seals in the egress vestibule. 

The Wire Mesh and the Structural Blast design also comes in a smaller micro style pass through systems that is ideal for a smaller work space, lighter duty, or for lean manufacturing cells. Contact us for more information on the Goff Micro Mesh or Micro Structural Blast Systems.

Features of the Wire Mesh

  • Pitless design /value ratio
  • Wear resistant cabinet
  • Manganese wire mesh conveyor belt in various widths, from 18”- 60”
  • Variable speed conveyor belt
  • Quantity of blast wheels from 2 to 12
  • Direct drive blast wheels
  • Range of Blast Wheel horsepower from 7½ up to 50 hp each
  • Large diameter drive rollers for less belt fatigue
  • Single or dual air wash separators
  • Slider bed belt supports
  • Automatic (pneumatic) belt tensioner
  • Standard and custom designs
  • Standard voltage 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle
  • All Goff equipment includes 1 year limited warranty

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