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Six Way To Profit From Your Old Equipment

After many years of very useful life to a company, there comes a time when a machine either can no longer keep up with the demands of production or technology changes or the company just simply no longer needs the equipment. If new equipment is purchased, then a company needs to decide on what to do with the old machine.


The options open to a company on what to do with the old equipment can be as simple as scrapping the machine, selling it for parts, selling it as is, refurbishing the machine for re-sale, or refurbishing the machine for continued use in production. With some sources, there may also be a possibility that the machine can be traded in for a new machine or upgraded to meet current production requirements. In some cases, just basic maintenance on a blast machine can restore the machine to continued functioning.

Thorough examination

Before a decision can be made, it is recommended that a thorough examination of the machine be completed in order to determine if it is cost effective to refurbish the old equipment to get new life out of it.

Rely on the experts

Relying on an outside expert, such as an equipment distributor, to evaluate the machine can help identify hidden issues such as hard to find or too expensive parts. When looking for an outside expert, rely on a company that has the capabilities of repairing, refurbishing, selling, dealing with trade-ins, or scrapping the machine for you. Most of the time, these outside experts offer their services free of charge in exchange for the opportunity to quote on selling the old machine or fixing it.

The outside expert should be able to provide a quote on the total cost to refurbish. Knowing the cost to refurbish can also give an idea of how much the machine might bear on the open market. Sometimes, the cost to refurbish would be more than what the machine would be able to sell for on the open market. In this case, the outside expert should be able to advise as to the best options open to the company, whether to refurbish, sell, scrap, or continue to use in production. If the decision is to sell or to scrap, the outside expert should also be able to guide the company in the process and even assist in the sale. The outside expert, a machine distributor could handle the details in a more financially expeditious and faster way than tying up busy company personnel.

Make the decision!

Got an old machine that you don’t need anymore? Let AISA evaluate, refurbish, sell, or trade-in your old machine!

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