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Vulkan Stainless Steel Shot

Chronital® is a high quality, non-rusting cast stainless steel shot used for cleaning, deburring, descaling and surface finishing of a wide variety of aluminum and other non-ferrous alloy castings, forgings, molds and fabrications. Ferrous contamination is avoided at any blast cleaning process.

Chronital® is a very attractive alternative to a number of different media such as stainless steel cut wire shot, aluminum shot, zinc cut wire, and glass beads.

Blasting with Chronital® prevents the surface of cast aluminum parts from rust discoloration, which can result after blasting with normal steel shot. This one-step method eliminates the need for further treatment of the parts such as chemical washing or a second finish blasting.

Chronital® is available in a very broad range of sizes. 0.002 to 0.1 inch, so that even aluminum die pressure parts can be deburred and their surfaces finished very economically with airless blasting systems. Blasting with Chronital® is helpful in the quality inspection of cast parts and provides surface finishing as well. After blasting, cast flaws and surface damages are very easily detectable, simply by fluorescing methods. Parts with grinding marks are then exposed in a casting with uniform surface finish.

Chronital® 13 Stainless Steel Shot

Chronital 13 Stainless Steel Shot offers our customers all the same advantages of Chronital® and MORE. This product remains non-magnetic even after mechanical stress (as an operating mix) due to its higher nickel content (Nickel ~ 13%).

In addition to the typical air blast applications, Grittal® opens the door to use in centrifugal wheel machines, thereby reducing or eliminating high compressed air costs. For example, large increases in blasting efficiency can be realized in the investment casting finishing application.

Grittal® is a high quality, non-rusting cast stainless steel grit, which has been specially hardened and crushed. Grittal® is a very aggressive media, with a hardness of 62HRC (750 HV). Its non-rusting characteristics, high durability and excellent performance make it an ideal alternative to Aluminum Oxide, garnet and other angular mineral grit abrasives used in surface prep and other applications.

Grittal® can also provide temporary rust protection on blasted ferrous surfaces, thereby offering an excellent alternative to mild steel grit. It has demonstrated that it can reduce overall blasting costs through the exceptional performance levels, durability and reduced wear on nozzles and associated air blast system components. Users of Grittal® are able to maintain a stable blasting process when compared to using mineral grit abrasive.

Also, Grittal® is virtually dust free, which improves visibility in air blast systems and leads to shorter blasting times with significantly less waste.