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Choosing The Right Blast Equipment

Still using the same blast cleaning process and techniques that the company started with many years ago? WHY? If the production requirements have increased or dramatically changed or the products have changed, then it might be time to review the current blast cleaning processess and equipment. Wheel blast machines are capable of increased efficiency and higher production output.

How to Choose the Right Blast Cleaning System:

What is your current and anticipated future production output?

Sometimes a pass through system may provide the desired higher production output. Pass through systems can be either in the configuration of a roller conveyor or wre mesh or a monorail system. Perhaps a standard design of blast machine (barrel blast, spinner hanger, or table blast) will most adequately meet your production needs. Knowledge of the overall production output is critical to determining the size or capacity of the solution decision.

What is the size and weight of your parts?

If the parts are larger and weigh more, either a table blast machine or structural machine may be right for you. In some cases a spinner hanger may be able to handle the size and weights.

What is your current materials handling system?

How do you move parts through the various preocesses in your prdocution? Would you want to integrate your blast cleaning equipment into yoru current materials handling system?

Are your parts smaller or delicate? Can they be tumbled?

Tumble blast machines are usually the most efficient way to blast large volumes of smaller parts in larger batches. However, if the parts are delicate and can not be tumbled, then a spinner hanger or wire mesh machine may be the right solution for your application. But again, it all depends on your anticipated production output.

Are your parts intricate, or have weldments?

Reviewing the parts can help determine the size, placement, and number of blast wheels on a machine, especially in a pass through system. Blast wheels may vary somewhat for spinner hangers and table blast machines as well but in a very limited way.

What kind of finish do you desire for the parts?

Are you looking for a fine finish on your parts or just trying to debur, descale, or remove rust? Knowing the kind of surface finish needed for your appliation will also help to determine the right abbrasive to use in the appropriate blast solution for your application.

For more information on each of these applications:

Barrel Blast Abrasive Equipment Solutions

Goff’s airless Barrel Blast machines are the natural choice for economical batch type blast cleaning and surface preparations on parts or castings that can be tumbled for maximum coverage.

Table Blast Equipment Solutions

The most versatile type of blast cleaning equipment, Goff’s Table Blast models are ideal for large or heavy parts. Parts that are to be cleaned are rotated on the table, exposing the parts to the abrasive blast pattern.

Spinner Hanger Solutions

Goff’s Spinner Hangers are designed for high production applications where parts cannot be tumbled, eliminating part breakage while providing superior finish coverage and quality.

Pass-through, Wire Mesh, & Structural Solutions

Goff offers a complete line of stationary, airless centrifugal blast cleaning machinery that clean items at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-blast cleaning methods.