Alexander Industrial

Space-Saving Blast Booth Roller Doors

Getting the most from factory space or real estate is a challenge for Manufacturing Managers worldwide.

How do we maximize our available space when expansion or relocation are not options?

Blast and spray functions are space-hungry processes with heavy-duty construction demands, and, up until now, blast rooms required heavy hinged doors to withstand the impact of abrasive. While hard-wearing, these doors are slow to fit and, as they swing open, need a considerable amount of dedicated real estate space to be kept clear. On a large blast room, that additional space used by hinged doors can be considerable – up to 135 sq. ft. for 16’ wide doors.

What if hinged doors were obsolete? What more could you do with the extra space?

We’ve developed a unique lined roller door that completely eradicates the need for hinged doors and helps facilities to recover unproductive factory space or real estate. Historically, roller doors were dismissed as a solution for blast rooms due to abrasive grit damaging the mechanisms. But our new space-saving roller doors are lined with a blast-proof fabric to absorb abrasive impact and protect moving parts.

This fabric has been tested over a five-year period and drops down with the roller element providing a secondary door to protect the mechanisms. Constructed from high quality galvanized steel, our lined roller doors are proven to be highly robust, quick to fit, and completely resilient to media ingress.

The weight advantages of our new doors mean they can be deployed on very large blast rooms with ease – a huge benefit for large vehicle production and maintenance facilities. They are electrically operated so require no manual handling, are completely secure when closed, and 100% weather proof – perfect for outdoor sites.

Available in widths up to 16’, our roller door blast rooms are generating interest from maintenance managers and vehicle manufacturers around the world. One waste cart manufacturer said: “The roller door is a relatively small component delivering large benefit. We can only deliver the quality we’re known for if we focus on highly efficient manufacturing processes. We understood this and developed a really innovative solution.” Space-saving roller doors are one of a range of new innovations currently being realized. They are also space-saving, noise-reduction, dust-extraction, and humidity control are just some of the facets of blasting and spraying we’re meeting with brand new efficiency-boosting solutions.