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Lease Financing Options

Think You Can’t Afford the Equipment That You Need? Think Again.

High production equipment such as Goff Abrasive Blast machines often can dramatically increase production while drastically reducing costs, especially labor costs. A scenario of increased production while reducing costs allows a company to be far more competitive in today’s markets. But, the initial outlay of cash can hamper a company’s ability to acquire the right equipment for the job. Settling for cheaper, poorly made equipment or used machines may cost less up front; but will cost more in the long run with increased maintenance costs, unexpected downtime, and poor production rates.

Leasing makes it possible to acquire the right equipment for the job without tying up much needed cash and working capital. Consider some of these other ways that leasing may be the way to increase production and reduce labor costs now!

Conserve Your Cash And Working Capital

Cash is not tied up in equipment. Instead, money is available for opportunities such as marketing, working capital, or seasonal cash flow needs.

Preserve Your Credit Lines.

Your existing lines of credit and borrowing availability are left untouched - ready to use for operational and short-term financing needs

Finance 100%

We finance 100% of the cost of the equipment. You can include "soft" costs in your lease such as shipping, software, training, and installation. Unlike a bank loan, there is no down payment or compensating balances required.

Eliminate Equipment Obsolescence

Leasing lets you regularly upgrade your equipment to a state-of-the-art level, eliminating the inefficiencies of owning out-dated equipment.

Overcome Budget Limitations

In situations where limited budgets would ordinarily delay or prevent the acquisition of equipment due to a limit on capital expenditures, leasing allows for quick budget approval due to it's small monthly expense. A lease can fit the tightest of budgetary constraints.

Finance Just About Any Type Of Equipment

Eight out of ten businesses use equipment financing programs to acquire equipment.Contact us today for Lease Rates and to find out how much a custom lease program can help you acquire the right machines!

Third Party Lease Programs Available for New And Used Equipment!

Financing for Alexander Industrial Sales

provided by Harbour Capital Corporation

Through this special partnership, we are able to offer:

100% Financing

No Financial Statements Required for Transactions Under $150,000

Terms up to 84 Months

90 Day No Pay & Seasonal Payments Available

For more information about Alexander Industrial Sales financing,

please contact Patrick Sullivan at 1-866-262-3036

For more information on each of these applications:

Barrel Blast Abrasive Equipment Solutions

Goff’s airless Barrel Blast machines are the natural choice for economical batch type blast cleaning and surface preparations on parts or castings that can be tumbled for maximum coverage.

Table Blast Equipment Solutions

The most versatile type of blast cleaning equipment, Goff’s Table Blast models are ideal for large or heavy parts. Parts that are to be cleaned are rotated on the table, exposing the parts to the abrasive blast pattern.

Spinner Hanger Solutions

Goff’s Spinner Hangers are designed for high production applications where parts cannot be tumbled, eliminating part breakage while providing superior finish coverage and quality.

Pass-through, Wire Mesh, & Structural Solutions

Goff offers a complete line of stationary, airless centrifugal blast cleaning machinery that clean items at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-blast cleaning methods.