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Custom Blast Solutions

If the standard design blast cleaning systems, such as barrel blast, table blast, or spinner hanger systems are not sufficient enough to clean a higher volume or larger, heavier parts that your production needs then it may require a Goff custom built, engineered products design. Through the engineering expertise of the engineers at Goff, we can custom design a blast cleaning system tailored to meet your products and production needs.

U-Shaped Monorail

Designed to fit in-line with the previous processes of cleaning the parts and the next process of painting the parts. After consultation with the engineering staff at Goff, this machine was designed to dramatically increase production while dramatically reduce labor costs, keeping the production line automated and continuously moving.

Depending upon the size and weight of your parts and the high volume of your production needs the engineers at Goff can select from a variety of any one of the many material handling systems listed below to provide the best system:

Roll Conveyor Systems:

If the parts are large enough to roll on rollers then the Roll Conveyor flow through system is the most efficient way to clean parts in a high production environment. Roll conveyor systems can be designed to handle up to 36 inch I beams and other structural materials or could be designed to handle up to 10 foot steel plates. Smaller versions of this design of blast cleaning equipment is the Micro Structural Pass Through System, having only a 12” width work envelope.

Monorail Systems:

Designed for a range of parts from parts-loaded fixtures to large steel plates, the hanging parts move through a vertical blast environment in a pass through system. Monorail systems can either be spinner monorail systems or straight line monorail systems.

Skew Roll Machines:

Designed to blast smaller diameter pipe and bar stock.

Wire and Rod Machines:

Designed to handle smaller wire as little as 1/8” in diameter up to 3” in diameter, yet able to handle line speeds up to 650 feet per minute.

Wire Mesh Conveyor Systems:

For high production of parts that cannot be tumbled yet large enough to ride on a pass through wire mesh belt. Wire mesh systems can be designed with wire mesh belts up to 48” in width.

Take a look at some of our other clients custom solutions, and let us help find the right custom solution for your business!

96" Double Swing Door Table Blast Machine

Designed to be capable of handling large bulky parts weighing as much as 20,000 lbs.

Other Custom Client Solutions