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Allow us the opportunity to show you how we can help you increase quality while saving money through increased production and reduced labor costs and reduced cycle times. Let us help you select the right equipment with the right abrasive technology to give you the right finish in the demanding operations of the parts cleaning in your manufacturing process. – Al VanHorne, President

Alexander Industrial Sales, Inc. is your exclusive Independent Distributor for Goff abrasive direct drive blast equipment, parts, and service. With combined experience of over 40 years the team of experts at Alexander Industrial and Goff offer only the finest high production solutions for your de-burring, rust removal, de-flashing, shot peening, rough, and finish abrasive blast applications.

Years Experience

Whether helping you put together a new system, a used system or refurbish your existing system; we'll find the right solution for your organization!

Offering the Best in Wheel Blast Equipment

Barrel Blast Abrasive Equipment Solutions

Goff’s airless Barrel Blast machines are the natural choice for economical batch type blast cleaning and surface preparations on parts or castings that can be tumbled for maximum coverage.

Table Blast Equipment Solutions

The most versatile type of blast cleaning equipment, Goff’s Table Blast models are ideal for large or heavy parts. Parts that are to be cleaned are rotated on the table, exposing the parts to the abrasive blast pattern.

Spinner Hanger Solutions

Goff’s Spinner Hangers are designed for high production applications where parts cannot be tumbled, eliminating part breakage while providing superior finish coverage and quality.

Pass-through, Wire Mesh, & Structural Solutions

Goff offers a complete line of stationary, airless centrifugal blast cleaning machinery that clean parts at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-blast cleaning methods.

Custom Blast Solutions

If the standard design blast cleaning systems, such as barrel blast, table blast, or spinner hanger systems are not sufficient enough to clean a higher volume or larger, heavier parts that your production needs…

Abrasive Solutions

The right combination of abrasive and equipment can reduce cycle times, improve quality, increase production, and eliminate waste.Consult with the professionals at Alexander Industrial Sales, Inc. to find out…